Welcome to Edge Church

You’ve met us online, now how about in person? Our Worship Services are a great space for us to gather together and celebrate all that God has done and is doing in our lives. Contemporary and sincere worship is followed by a practical teaching rooted in God’s Word. Wherever you may find yourself on your spiritual journey, our prayer is that our Worship Services would help you to move one step closer to God, as He runs toward you. There’s no dress code, height code or age limit – so feel free to dress casually and come as you are.

Our services are on Sundays at 08h30, 10h30 or 17h30.

Big on little people

We’re passionate about making Christ’s life the centre of family life. Edge Kids is our children’s church programme – it runs at 08h30 and 10h30 and is for all kids from 10 months to Grade 7. Expect a high-energy, action-packed time discovering who Jesus is, how much he loves you and how to follow Him every day. Please register for Edge Kids before the service starts. Edge Kids also runs programmes on a Friday.

For parents with babies under 12 months, seats have been especially reserved for your convenience. If you need to exit the auditorium to feed or console your baby, there is a space for you to do so in our Edge Kids Nursery. You’ll be able to continue participating in the service as it is screened live in this venue.

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