The Adventure

The Adventure starts on Sunday 28 March! Download the info on the link and have fun!

The Adventure is sort of like a scavenger hunt. It’s an opportunity for you with your family, friends or life group and to have some fun, build some connections and explore Cape Town. You will have a list of actions to complete and might even need to provide photo evidence. Think of things like: Taking a photo with Table Mountain in the background, or turning one person into a sand mermaid on the beach, take a photo of a squirrel. Loads of different types of adventures to be had!

The Adventure ends on Saturday, 3 April right here at the church where the winners will be announced! If you want to stand a chance and win a prize, you have to be there on Saturday and hand in your check list. But even if you didn’t take part, we still want to hang out with you with good food, good coffee and good vibes!

All are welcome and there will be kids care available too – you don’t want to miss out on being with us!

We also get to show love to our community especially those at Ysterplaat Junior Primary. We as Edge Church would like to provide all those at the junior school with a care pack that includes all their stationery needs for 2022. So, even if you are not keen to be apart of The Adventure we are calling on all of us as Edge Church to sponsor a learner or learners at Ysterplaat Junior Primary. It’s an opportunity for us to love on our community!