Johan Greeff is based in Monte Vista and serves each week at the Goodwood Correctional Centre. He has the opportunity to preach the gospel to awaiting trial and sentenced prisoners twice a week. He is also able to do one-on-one counselling and discipleship. He presents the Heartlines Course, which teaches the inmates about good values.

From time to time he also trains hand-picked groups of prisoners in an evangelism course (EE3), to equip them to effectively share the gospel with others in the prison. This work at the Goodwood Correctional Centre is under the leadership of Edge Church. Currently Johan goes to Goodwood Correctional Centre four times every week for the above ministries.

Johan is also involved in a discipleship and evangelism ministry in India. This ministry focuses on preaching the gospel and raising up and equipping leaders to plant House Churches. The aim is that these leaders will plant more churches on an ongoing basis. He travels to India twice a year and continues to train and mentor leaders through e-mail contact.

He also has an email ministry, where he sends out a Daily Devotion that he has written himself. This ministry reaches hundreds of people all over the world, every day of the year. Johan receives regular constructive feedback and testimonies about it.

Johan has been involved in all these ministries for the past 7 years and is experiencing and being blessed with rapid growth in all of the Ministries.

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India Missions with Johan Greef

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