The Book of Prayers: The Prayer of Jabez (Week 3)

Preacher: Justin Matthews

Justin reminded us on Sunday that God wants to be with us in every moment, and that includes this very moment. So, before you begin with Life Group, pray for an awareness of His presence as you worship Him. (Song suggestion: Used To This by Maverick City)

As you check-in, share an update with the group on how your prayer life is doing. Were you able to apply the Tabernacle Prayer outline to your daily prayer life? Have you been able to intercede for the two to three people you identified last week?

Synopsis of message: The Prayer of Jabez
Sunday’s message was focused on the Jabez Prayer. Jabez’s story is found in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10. We see that his name means ‘pain’. The prayer gives us insight into how to pray even when we’re experiencing pain. Justin highlighted four patterns that we can follow from this prayer, all of which are found in verse 10:

  • Pray for a blessing – ‘Oh, that you would bless me, …’
  • Pray for influence – ‘… and expand my territory! …’
  • Pray for presence – ‘… Please be with me in all that I do, …’
  • Pray for protection – ‘… and keep me from all trouble and pain! …’

Discussion questions:

  1. The first step in the prayer of Jabez is to pray for blessing. In what way are you currently asking God to bless your life? When answering this question, keep in mind what Justin said: ‘Blessing doesn’t refer to possessions only, but can also speak to our identity.’
  2. Even in the middle of what we are faced with, God promises that He will work it out for our good. Can you think of a time when God blessed you through your pain? Share with the group your experience.
  3. Referring to question 2, have you had a negative label given to you? Maybe others only see a mistake you’ve made or something you’ve struggled through. In times where we’ve come through dark places, the negative associations form a part of our testimony. Have you had an instance where your negative, hurtful label has been used to help and encourage others?
  4. On Sunday, Justin challenged us to be bold and ask God to put people in our path this week with whom we can share our story. As you close in prayer, pray for influence in your own world, and pray for protection as God begins to do the work in you and through you.

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