VIRTUES: “Integrity” (Week 3)

Preacher: Daniel Erasmus

Worship: As we continue with week 3 of Virtues; it’s important to realise that just as virtues shape our world and help us become radically resilient disciples, so does worship. So as you take time to worship, allow yourself to bring glory and honour to our Heavenly Father, entering into His presence where we can find fullness of joy!

Check-in: As part of check-in, share one thing that stood out for you during this past week: from your quiet time; Sunday’s sermon; your 14 days of prayer & fasting; the prayer encounters; or on how living out your virtues is going.  Encourage everyone to share; being vulnerable is another way of building a radical resilient disciple.

Synopsis of Message:

On Sunday, 4 Feb, Ps Daniel shared another virtue with us. His sermon was titled: “The Power of Integrity” and highlighted the virtue of “integrity”.  Integrity is not perfection, meaning we still make mistakes. In fact, integrity is “an integrated life”, a non-compartmentalised life. It means allowing Jesus to direct every area of our life. Having a God-centred life spiritually, professionally, socially, and in our families. See Romans 12:1-2 (MSG) It’s where your behaviour matches your beliefs. That what you demonstrate on the outside is a reflection of what’s on the inside. See Proverbs 10:9.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Share with the group in which area/s of your life you find your integrity challenged? (This calls on you to be vulnerable) – Remember; being radical means going deeper, and helps us become more resilient. Spend a few moments of silence before sharing, reflecting on Psalm 139:23-24 . Then consider the following three points when answering:
    • Where are you most defensive? This is an area, when being confronted with by someone, you find the need to defend yourself.
    • What you don’t want others to know. What are you keeping private (secret) from others?
    • Where do you criticize others? When we criticize others, it’s usually because we’re struggling with that ourselves.
  2. A radical resilient disciple lives an integrated life. What needs to change in your behaviour (and in your heart) to ensure you live an integrated life? Share one thing you’re committing to change, to ensure your group can hold you accountable. (Remember to make this part of your check-in next week.)
  3. In closing, take turns praying and committing your action step/s to God.

During your personal prayer time during the week, follow these prompts: 

  • Acknowledge – that you haven’t been living an integrated life.
  • Confess – as you feel comfortable, confess the area/s where you feel challenged.
  • Let God love you – thank Him for His unconditional love. Allow a few minutes of silence to focus on this.
  • Repent – allow Him to change you, commit your action step to Him, surrendering control.
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