Preacher: Daniel Erasmus

Worship: Worship means bringing reverence and homage to our heavenly Father. It’s such a vital part of our discipleship journey and not only includes worship by singing, but also praying, and sharing of our gifts, etc. As you take time to acknowledge God as the Lord of your life, focus on why he’s worthy of your adoration and praise and share this with Him wholeheartedly.

Check-in: As part of check-in; share one thing that stood out for you this week. It can be a scripture, the lyrics of a song, or how God used you in living out his virtues.

Synopsis of Message:
On Sunday was “Vision Sunday”. Ps Daniel shared what he believed God had laid on his heart us as a congregation for 2024; and it’s “Radical Resilient Discipleship”. What does this mean?

Radical” means “relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; going to the root part, the depths, going beneath the surface”.

Resilience”- the capacity to stand and recover from any hardship or difficulty; the ability to bounce back after being knocked down.

Disciple” – an apprentice; to be like Jesus, become like Jesus and to do what Jesus did.

Radically Resilient Disciples”. Disciples who go to the deepest part, pay deep attention to; the roots of discipleship with and in doing so, we are able to develop the capacity to stand strong in the culture we are living in and amidst adversity.

To be come radical resilient disciples, we need to:

  1. Experience Jesus; we are to form a resilient identity. This is more than religion, it’s about a deeper intimacy and experience with Jesus. Your identity needs to be rooted in Jesus Christ, not in the church, life group, or even your spouse. It means removing religious clutter and putting God first in every area of your life. 1) 1st in the year [Edge Church 14 day fast & prayer]; (2) 1st in the month [Tithing]; (3) 1st of the week [attending church]; (4) 1st in our day [Quiet time/devotion]. Deuteronomy 14:23 – by practising this, you can become radically resilient.
  2. Develop Cultural Discernment; We also need to develop our muscle of “cultural discernment”; being able to compare the beliefs, values, customs and creations of this world with those of God’s Kingdom. This means viewing what is happening around us through the lens of God, i.e. God’s view vs the world’s view. It means following God and not culture; “being a thermostat and not a thermometer”. You’re only able to do this when we’re rooted in God’s word. Romans 12: 2
  3. Forge Meaningful Intergenerational Relationships; This point refers to us forging relationships with fellow believers that we want to be around and become like. We’re able to accomplish this in groups. We are to live a generational life; investing and role modelling to the younger while learning and seeking direction from the older. This will result in life-changing relationships that grow resilient and successful individuals.
  4. Know and live your calling; Let’s encourage one another to understand, know & live God’s calling on our lives. Also known as vocational discipleship. It’s something that needs to take place where you find yourself right now. In work, varsity, school & in your home. We need to align our ambitions & lifestyle to God’s purposes. Romans 12:1. Our life’s purposes will become more evident when we foster a real relationship with God & the church.
  5. Share & Show the love of Jesus; Engage in a counter-culture mission. This means living out God’s faithful presence wherever you find yourself. No need for an African missions’ trip, necessarily. Make a difference in your immediate world. John 13:35. We are called to love God and then show the love of God everywhere we go. Matthew 5:13-16. This is what “Radical Resilient Discipleship” means.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Share which one of these five areas resonated for you? Perhaps something you are currently living out in your daily life? Give a brief example.
  2. Also share which one of these areas challenges you the most? Why?
  3. Highlight only one of your potential next steps that arise out of these points. Share this with your group to enable them to hold you accountable.

Check out and Prayer:

Facilitator: Share any resources (YouVersion, RightNow Media, other) you find useful.
Spend time in prayer, praying for each other’s needs, mentioned during the evening.

Please take note of the important dates below and encourage members to sign up for any event which can help them with their next steps. Visit the website for more information:

Important Reminders:

  • Baptism: 18th February
  • Freedom: 21st February
  • Welcome Home Dinner: 27th February
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