Virtues: “Honour” (Week 1)

Preacher: Daniel Erasmus

Worship: As you make time for worship this week, reflect on what 2023 was like as a group and for you as an individual. It may mean that you need to have a time of silence and listen to worship. Ask God what you can do differently in 2024 to experience Him more, both personally and as a group.

Check-in: Share with the group what God has revealed to you about 2024. If uncertain, what are your hopes and hearts’ desires in living out Christ in your daily life.

Overview of “Virtues”:
In week 1 of the new series “Virtues” Ps Daniel explained what this word means. While it can mean a few things, the main one is that it’s a trait that leads to a behaviour that displays kindness, good manners, courtesy, modesty, and self-control. It’s someone with good moral ethics, making biblical life choices. It also includes caring and treating others better than we’ve been treated. Refer to Philippians 4:8 for a biblical perspective.

Week 1: “HONOUR” – A virtue that’s easily overlooked but yet, a very important one. You may regard honour as something you’ll give once someone honours you. But “respect” is earned, but “honour” is given. It’s a heart posture. Honour builds up but dishonour tears down.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Share with the group the ways in which you can bring honour to God. Then discuss as a group how your group can honour God. Perhaps re-visit your group’s culture.
    • Proverbs 3:9
  2. We are also called to honour those in authority, even though this can be very hard. Positions of authority include your employer, those in leadership in our country, etc. You can disagree without dishonouring. What do you think of this statement? How can you practically live out the virtue of honouring your leaders?
    • Romans 13:1-17
  3. A lack of honour and faith can limit the hand of God. By dishonouring others and God, you may have missed out on a blessing/miracle. Take time to reflect on who you may be dishonouring in your “world” (where you find yourself). Ask God to search your heart, you may need to confess instances where you’ve dishonoured others/God. Romans 12:10 “Outdo one another in showing honour” (ESV). Consider ways in which you can “outdo” yourself in demonstrating honour to others, placing them above yourself.

Check out and Prayer:
Facilitator: Share any resources (YouVersion, RightNow Media, other) you find useful.
Remember to check in with your groups with regards to your group’s status, i.e. where you are as a group, as a leader, and what 2024 looks like for your ship.

Important Dates & Reminders:

  • Vision Sunday: 28th January 2024.
  • Prayer & Fasting: Two week prayer and fasting starting the 29th January.
  • Prayer Encounter Services: 1st and 8th February. PS: Prayer Encounters are now on a Thursday evening.
  • Child Blessing: 4th February
  • LG Leader training: Evening of the 4th February.
  • Baptism: 18th February.

We urge you to strongly encourage those in your group to take the next steps needed on their discipleship journey.

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