Faithful to Finish

Preacher: Stephen Scott

Worship: Make time to worship. Decide on what format this will be and where you can best slot it into your evening.

Check-in: Take turns in your group to share one idea or scripture that stood out in your quiet time this week. Or if there was a testimony from Sunday’s baptism that resonated or challenged you, share this with the group. Then spend a few minutes in prayer.

Synopsis of Message:
On Sunday we celebrated with those being baptised. We heard many encouraging and heart-warming testimonies, and was again reminded of God’s grace and unconditional love to us as sinners.
Stephen Scott then brought a challenging yet encouraging word from John 8:41-45; titled “Faithful to Finish”. In this message Stephen asked if we felt like “the one” who’s prayers aren’t being answered. Week after week, we may have heard people share their breakthroughs and praise reports via the WhatsApp line. But yet it feels like God’s ignoring our request. We’re called to wait on God and He doesn’t allow our waiting to go to waste, refer to Isaiah 40:31 and Lamentations 3:25. Consider the following these 3 points while you’re in your “waiting” season:

  1. Wait with people you can trust – John 8:51
  2. Wait with faith – John 8:50 and Phillipians 1:6
  3. Wait and know God loves you – John 8:47-49; 2 Timothy 2:13; Romans 8:38

Discussion Questions:

  1. Waiting is something we all experience at one or other time in our life. Share with the group a time where you waited and God answered, or perhaps you’re still waiting; share your fears and concerns. This is a good time to communicate your prayer need.
  2. While waiting, we’re called to exercise our faith. However, we can easily put our faith in other things such people, finances, or other fast solutions. Discuss what putting your faith completely in God looks like? What changes would you need to make to restore or strengthen your faith in God?
  3. In Romans 8:38, we see that nothing can separate us from the love of God. Yet we do feel unloved and far from God when we’re waiting on Him for extended periods. Discuss what you as a LG can do to identify and then encourage those in your group or in your world, to experience God’s love more tangibly during such times.

Check out and Prayer:
Facilitator: Share any resources (YouVersion, RightNow Media, other) you find useful.

Important Reminders:c

  • U-Turn: Buy a pack of “MiChange” vouchers for R50 for someone to receive basic services which incl. food, clothing, a shower and a bed.
  • Aslan: purchase one of 500 bibles (R60 ea) to be handed out during mission week
  • Organ Donation: Sign up via our website
  • Thanksgiving Sunday: 26 November – we are giving thanks for all that God has done during 2023. We’ll be taking up a special offering, over and above your usual tithe.
  • 10ten: A gap year programme based on John 10:10. Aimed at young adults wanting to take time out and explore their next steps in terms of studies and careers. Click here for more info.
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