The Story of Mephibosheth

Preacher: Terran Williams

Worship: Make time to worship. Decide on what format this will be and where you can best slot it into your evening.

Check-in: This is a good time to either share what each other’s week was like/What stood out in your devotion this week/If your group (or someone in the group) was part of the Encounter weekend; share your experiences, and spend a few minutes in prayer.

Synopsis of Message:
On Sunday we had a visiting speaker; Terran Williams. He shared “The Story of Mephibosheth” in a very animated and captivating way. Mephibosheth, once defined by pain and brokenness, has his identity redefined. Terran shared three key points with us that he felt would challenge those who have not yet accepted the Lord as their Saviour, to reconsider this. And then for those who are followers of Christ; to rejoice in their identity in Christ and their personal relationship with Him.

  1. I am positioned “in Christ” – Colossians 3:3; John 17:23; Galatians 2:20; Ephesians 1:19-20
  2. I have a place at the King’s table – Psalm 23:5; 2 Samuel 9:13
  3. I am promised an inheritance – Galatians 3:29; Luke 2:49 (NKJV)

These points were taken from 2 Samuel 9:7, where Mephibosheth is welcomed by David and given a seat at his (the King’s) table.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss what it means to be positioned in Christ and the benefits to be gained. Refer to the scriptures listed above. Share how this impacts the way you live as a Christian.
  2. Being seated at a table with others is seen as a sign of belonging, acceptance and inclusivity. We see this in the way David invited Mephibosheth to sit at his table. Yet we find individuals, in today’s society, who are being “de-tabled” (excluded from a friends’ group/family). Is there someone in your world who you could invite to your “table”? What steps could you take to include them?
  3. We are heirs of God’s kingdom and have access to all of His resources. Heirs get to partake in their father’s business. They are shareholders, a responsibility that helps focus outwards. Share how you can live out your role as an heir to God’s kingdom.

Check out and Prayer:
Facilitator: Share any resources (YouVersion, RightNow Media, other) you find useful.

Important Reminders:

  • U-Turn: Buy a pack of “MiChange” vouchers for R50 for someone to receive basic services which incl. food, clothing, a shower and a bed.
  • Aslan: purchase one of 500 bibles (R60 ea) to be handed out during mission week
  • Organ Donation: Sign up via our website
  • Baptism: 19 November – sign ups have closed but please join us in celebrating changed lives.
  • Thanksgiving Sunday: 26 November – we are giving thanks for all that God has done during 2023. We’ll be taking up a special offering, over and above your usual tithe.
  • Christmas Spectacular: 9 & 10 December. Two shows on the Saturday and three on the Sunday with lots of activities and family fun. Check out our website for more info. Tickets are also now available, free of charge, but please book online. “VOLUNTEERS NEEDED” – Please Sign up to serve!!
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