Life, Money, Hope: The Way Out – (Week 2)

Preacher: Rozanne Hammer

Worship: We suggest you move your worship time to the end of group.

Check-in: Spend a few minutes as part of check-in to share the following (1) How has your perspective on your finances changed during the past week towards becoming more dependent on God? (2) Have you been able to share any ACT OF KINDNESS cards with anyone and what was your experience?

Bible Readings: Scripture is listed in the content below.

Preparation and Discussion for Group Time:
As we reflect on Sunday’s message, consider these points: (1) Be cautious about debt, refer to Proverbs 22:26-27 (2) Debt brings a burden, Proverbs 22:7b. (3) Be sure to repay your debts, Psalm 37:21a.
Debt can cost us financially, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. It can cause your life to spiral out of control and feel hopeless. Consider the following 4 practical steps as part of “The Way Out”:

  • Take Stock: To what extent do you have a handle on where your money goes?
  • Develop a Plan: Do you have a spending plan or a debt repayment plan?
  • Resist Debt: This means stop borrowing. Consider what your life would look like without loans or buying on credit.
  • Give it Time: Are you willing to be in this for the long haul?
  1. We see that debt can cause us to lose control. Have you or anyone you know experienced this? Share with the group as comfortably and vulnerably as you’re able to.
  2. If you reflect on the points mentioned; what practical steps do you sense you need to take to bring about change in your situation? Are there ways your LG can support you in this process? Share with the group your thoughts.
  3. Read 2 Kings 4:1-7; discuss how God showed mercy and grace to the widow when she cried for help. Have you experienced a time when you’ve called on God to meet a financial need and He answered? What have you learned from this situation? Share with the group how your life was impacted.

Worship: As part of worship this week, listen to “Run to the Father” by Cody Carnes. Draw comfort from the words of this song. That God doesn’t want us to carry our burdens on our own. He invites us to lay it all down. He sees our condition and even when we don’t understand, He does. Our way out is to run to the Father, His grace is sufficient and His undeserving mercy is available right now.

Prayer: In closing, go around the group and pray for the concerns raised during the evening. Either break up into pairs or pray for the person on your right.

Love God:

  • Meditate on Act 20:35 (NLT) “….You should remember the words of the Lord: It is more blessed to give than receive”.
  • Resources: Visit the church website for additional resources to assist you in using money God’s way.

Love People:
Remember to use the “Act of Kindness” cards. Please feel free to share on your LG or Church WhatsApp group the impact of these cards on your life or the lives of those you’ve blessed; and how the content of this series is affecting your spiritual journey.

For upcoming next steps or to serve; visit and sign up online at Church Center/ the website.

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