Baptism Service: Living Water

Preacher: Justin Matthews

Check-in: Share with the group what has become clearer to you about why quitting on God isn’t an option in your life.

Bible Readings: John 5:1-9a (NLT); John 9:7 (NLT).

Preparation and Discussion for Group Time:
Justin shared about the pools: the Bethesda pool, which we thought was the hope we needed, and the Siloam pool, which is the testimony of the Hope we have found. The hope that we find in Jesus makes everything else seem like it isn’t as important as we thought! The hope we find in Jesus gives context, purpose, and meaning to our lives. The hope we find in Jesus gives us hope for the future that we have been searching for in all the wrong places!

This quote by St Augustine: “You have formed us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless until they find rest in You.” Reminds us that He (Jesus) is our only Hope!

  1. Share with the group in what have you placed your hope, which pool? Hope for your life, your healing, and your provision.
  2. Jesus invites us to come to Him, to bring our whole life, emotions, physical, spiritual (mind, body, soul). He asks us this question: Do you want to get well? Share with the group an area of your life where you are excited to see Jesus bring change.
  3. Following Jesus isn’t something we were meant to do alone, and we celebrate with those who take a step of Baptism (public declaration of their love for Jesus) in our service. How does belonging to God’s people, the church, change your perspective on who you are and how you interact with others?

Check out, Worship and Prayer:
This coming week, take time to share your story, including what Baptism means for you with a friend or family member.

Spend time in worship “Goodness of God by Bethel” and then check out in prayer.

Love God:

Love People:

  • For upcoming next steps in your discipleship journey; like Baptism or serving. Sign up online at Church Center/ the website.
  • Next Baptism Service is Sunday 19 November – sign up online.
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