Mother’s Day – Extraordinary Touch of Ordinary People

Speaker: Candice Chicken

Worship and check-in: Listen to “This is Our God” by Phil Wickham during group worship and your personal devotional time. These lyrics allow us to acknowledge who God is and what He has done. Loving us, enduring the cross, and beating the grave for us. He is our God, King Jesus. Let’s use the opportunity to give Him thanks for this.

Bible Readings: Exodus 1:15-21; Exodus 2:1-4; James 1:5; Exodus 2:5-10; Luke 6:36; Exodus 4:24

Preparation and Discussion for Group Time:
Ps Candice shared how each Mother has special and unique gifts, but she also assured us that this is not just bestowed on mothers but on everyone. That God uses us in ordinary and sometimes in “unseen” ways to touch the lives of others in an extraordinary way. She used the historical account of Moses’ life and 6 women to illustrate this.

  1. The first two women are Shiphrah and Puah. They were two Hebrew midwives who defied the pharaoh’s orders. We see this account in Exodus 1: 15-21. Using this scripture, discuss in your group the impact these midwives made by fearing the Lord and disobeying the pharaoh’s orders. How can we as believers apply this to our daily lives?
  2. In Exodus 2:1-4, we see the birth of Moses and how his mother had to hide him in fear that he would be killed. The Lord gave her wisdom and creativity, and she wove together a basket in which she hid him and placed it among the reeds in the river. Moses was saved. Share with the group a time when you depended on the Lord for divine wisdom or when you trusted Him to make a way in a difficult situation and He answered you. (James 1:5)
  3. We also see Moses’ sister Miriam’s commitment to ensuring her baby brother was safe. It was a huge task for a young girl but she diligently did what she was asked as daunting as it may have seemed. PS Candice challenged us by asking
    “What cause are we giving our lives to?”. Are we okay with just living in our home with our family? We were created for so much more than just surviving and self-preservation. Discuss what you as an individual/group can do: EG: volunteer at church, or in Edge Kids, a mission trip, raise funds for hospice, serve the elderly in your community, or visit someone in prison.
  4. As we continue in Exodus 2:5-10, we see that the pharaoh’s daughter found Moses and had compassion for him. After rescuing him (which she didn’t have to do), Moses’ sister offered to fetch someone to nurse Moses, and Moses is reunited with his mother. Here again, we are challenged to show compassion to others. As individuals and during your personal quiet time, reflect on how you could show compassion to those suffering or needy in your community or family. Have you become immune to people begging and need to show more compassion? (Luke 6:36)
  5. During Moses’ 40 years of exile, we see him marry and have two sons. In Exodus 4:24, we see that the Lord tries to kill Moses (the reason is unknown), and Zipporah courageously stands up to protect her husband. What courageous step is the Lord calling you to take? Perhaps He’s been prompting you for a while and you need that extra bit of courage. It could be some adversity that you’re facing like Zipporah, Moses’ wife, but you’re overcome with fear. Take this time to commit each other’s concerns to God. Divide into pairs and pray as needed.

Check out and Prayer:

Check out and Prayer:
Read Deuteronomy 31:6 and reflect on what area in your life you need to trust the Lord in. The scripture reminds us that He will never fail or abandon us.

Consider what is holding you from surrendering your situation to him.

Love God:
Meditate on James 1:5 “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.”

For personal study check out the following devotions on YouVersion:

Love People:
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