The Holy Bible: Why the Bible can be Trusted (Week 3)

Speaker: Daniel Erasmus

Worship: Play “Battle Belongs by Phil Wickham” as part of your worship during group or in your quiet time. Reflect on the lyrics and that we don’t have to fear, because the battle belongs to God. Let’s surrender and leave at His feet the things we are facing – health, loss, strained or broken relationships, addictions, or those we are praying for that are far from God. As the song says let’s fight on our knees in prayer, inviting God into the situation to do what only He can do.

Check-In: Share how it went with your goals in the past week, what worked, what needs to shift, and what you need to start doing. (See who you can recite the memory verses for the past two weeks)

Bible Readings: John 6:63; Matthew 24:35; Luke 18:27; Psalm 33:4; Psalm 148:5-6; Isaiah 40:22; Job 26:7; Psalm 12:6; 2 Peter 1:21; Luke 24:27; Matthew 5:18; 1 Peter 1:24-25.

Preparation and Discussion for Group Time:
As we continue this journey of learning more about The Holy Bible; we’ve been encouraged to devote our lives to God’s Word. The Bible is not just a book–it is holy. We need to treat it as special, set apart, and holy in our lives. If we are going to align our lives with the truth of the Bible, it’s important for us to know why we believe what it says. If we are going to commit our lives to following Jesus, we must commit to believing and living by His Word. Let’s accept the Bible as our final authority and actively apply its truth to every area of our lives!

  1. Ps Daniel shared 7 convincing proofs of why the bible can be trusted. (click here to watch The Holy Bible – Why the Bible can be Trusted) What was the most compelling part of this message for you? Did you learn anything new?
  2. Do you ever hesitate when it comes to trusting the Bible? Share why/why not.
  3. Talk about the three challenging questions Ps Daniel asked us:
    a) Will I attack God’s Word or live by it?
    b) Will I deconstruct it or defend it?
    c) Will I follow the world or The Word?
    How do these questions make you feel? What is your answer to these questions?
  4. Deciding whether the Bible is reliable is just a means toward a more important question: Is Jesus reliable? Read John 20:31. Share with the group a time when you saw God’s promises, word, or provision in your life.

Check out and Prayer:
Share one thing that you are going to choose to live by when:

  • you are in a tough place,
  • an easy place or
  • a place of sharing about who Jesus is to someone who doesn’t trust Him or the Bible.

Pray this prayer at the end of your session together:
Dear God, from this day forward, I will accept the Bible as your flawless Word to me and I will make it the Final Authority for my life, even when I don’t understand it, when it’s not popular, easy, or even when I don’t like it. You are God and I am not. Thank you for loving me enough to speak to me through your Word. I want to LOVE your word, LEARN your word, and LIVE your Word.

Love God:

  • The memory verse for this week is Matthew 24:35 (NIV) “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”
  • For personal study check out these resources on the website to grow deeper. You can download the PDF.

Love People:
There are a couple of next steps you can take on your discipleship journey over the coming weeks, like Baptism or serving. Sign up online via Church Center or the website.

*Discussion Guide Questions used with permission from Church of The Highlands, Pastor Chris Hodges, The Holy Bible Series.

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