Speaker: Daniel Erasmus

Worship: In preparation for Life Group or during your quiet time, listen to the worship song “See a Victory by Elevation Worship” As we reflect on Joseph’s life, we can agree with the songwriter “I’m gonna see a victory”. No matter what you’re facing right now or will face in the future, take comfort in the fact that the battle belongs to Him and that our God will never fail.

Check-In: Last week we discussed forgiveness and what it means. We were encouraged to forgive as God forgives us. Share with the group if you’ve had any further insight from the Lord in this area. Is there still anyone you’re struggling to forgive and what is preventing you from doing this?

Bible Readings: Genesis 50:20-21 (NIV); Rev 21:6; Romans 8:28 (NIV); Jeremiah 29:11; Ps 119:67-68; John
10:10; Gen 42:36; Gen 43:30; Ps 118: 6; Ps 56:4; Ps 23:4; Ps 56:5; 71:14

Preparation and Discussion for Group Time:
Joseph Living by a Different Script
If any of us had to go through what Joseph went through, what would our reaction be? Would we forgive as easily as he did and then bless our persecutors? Well, Joseph chose to live by a different script. Instead of living in anger, resentment, and unforgiveness, he chose a different narrative for his life. He chose to not become a victim of his circumstances or believe the lies of the enemy. There are three principles we can take from our anchor vs Gen 50: 20-21 – Let’s look at them:

  1. GOD is Sovereign over all, even over the evil things people do. The biblical meaning of sovereignty is that nothing happens in the universe that is outside of God’s influence and authority. As King of Kings and Lord of Lords, God has no limitations.
    In Judges, we see Samson wanted to marry a Philistine woman against his parent’s wishes, but God was still in control, see Judges 14:4. Samson committed sin but our Sovereign God used that to achieve His righteous purpose and judgment. How does it make you feel to know that God is in control and that the devil has no control?
  2. GOD is good in everything He does. To change the script in our lives, we need to realize that GOD is a GOOD GOD. See Jeremiah 29:11; Ps 119:67-68. In Joseph’s story, we see that Jacob thought everything was working against him but God used the situation to reunite him with Joseph and provide him and his family with provisions for the rest of their lives. Share a time when you experienced a trial and God turned it out for your (or your loved ones) good.
  3. Trust the sovereign goodness of God in the midst of our plot twists/trials. Some trials are short and some can be long. Joseph had to keep trusting God for years while he was in prison. Trusting God is a daily decision and even a minute-by-minute decision. It means we’re trusting God’s narrative for our lives. That He is sovereign and good and that He WILL bless us. How can you change the script in your life to one that reflects your trust in God’s goodness? Refer to: Ps 118:6; Ps 56:4; Ps 23:4; Ps 56:5; Ps 71:14

Check out and Prayer:
We serve a God that is alive and is a LIVING HOPE: Proverbs 23:18. As we lift our eyes to heaven and to our Sovereign God, we can choose to trust that our God is Good and that He’s always in Control. Take turns praying for each other that the Lord will be their Living Hope and help them live a life of Victory.

Love God:
The memory verse for this week is Proverbs 23:8 “Your future is bright and filled with a living hope that will never fade away.”

For personal study, here are suggested RightNow Media and YouVersion devotionals:

Love People:
During your prayer time this week, ask God to:

  • Help you fully trust that He is Good and that He is Sovereign.
  • Help you daily change your narrative to one that honours Him.
  • Help you with any feelings of anger, confusion, hurt, bitterness, and sadness that you may be experiencing because of a Plot Twist you’ve experienced.
  • To help you identify others in your world who may need encouragement or support during a difficult time.
  • To forgive those you need to forgive.

There are several next steps you can take on your discipleship journey over the coming weeks, sign up via Church Center or the website:

  • take a step of obedience – Baptism,
  • join a serve team; there are various areas where volunteers are needed.
  • sponsor a teen to attend Elevate “Imagine” Camp 2023 or sign up to serve.
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