BLESS: Week 5 – Share Your Story

Speaker: Daniel Erasmus

Worship: During your devotional time or at life group listen to or play this worship song “This is my Testimony”. Spend some time reflecting on what your testimony is. Because of God’s grace we have a story to tell and need to testify. We were bought by the precious blood of the lamb, and the resurrection power lives within all of us. He has brought us from death to life and we can’t remain silent. What is your testimony?

Check-In: Share with the group what your week of serving was like. Share how you were able to do something practical for someone in your workplace, varsity, and family. Even identify those opportunities, that were missed, but you feel you can still go and make a difference.

Bible Readings: Matthew 10:19-20; Romans 10:13-14; John 9:1, 6, 8-11, 24; 1 Peter 3:15.

Preparation and Discussion for Group Time:
Importance of Sharing YOUR Story:
In order for us to bless the world and LOVE PEOPLE, we need words. It requires us to speak and say something. It’s something that doesn’t come naturally to all of us, and we might even feel as if our story is too ordinary. But God assures us that He will give us the RIGHT words at the RIGHT time. (Matthew 10:19-20)

  1. When we look at the story of how Jesus restored the sight to a man born blind (John 9:1-25). When he was asked how he received his sight, he started with his life before Jesus and shared that “I was blind…”
    Share in your group (as you are comfortable) one or two things that the Lord changed in your life when you gave your life to Him. It can also be something that the Lord is currently busy helping you with.
  2. The blind man also went on to describe his encounter with Jesus, how He applied mud to his eyes and told him to wash it off. Share what your encounter was like with the Lord. Was it at church? Who invited you?
    Did you have a life-altering experience that inspired you to make a commitment to Christ?
  3. The blind man continued by saying…“But now I can see”. How has your life changed since you’ve given your life to the Lord? Has your perspective changed? How has your relationship with Christ enabled you to deal with the good and the bad experiences in your life? Share these answers with your group.

IN CLOSING: If you’ve never shared your story before, then congratulations, you just did. By sharing the above three points, you have successfully “Shared Your Story”. Take some time this week to write down your story:
(1) My life before I met Jesus, (2) How I met Jesus, (3) My life since I met Jesus. Then commit this to prayer and ask God for an opportunity to share it.

Check out and Prayer: As we check out, go around the circle and pray that the Holy Spirit will enable us to share our story with at least one person this week. That we will be bold and willing to step out of our comfort zone.

Love God:
Memory verse: 1 Pet 3:15 “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”

For personal study, here are suggested YouVersion devotionals:

Love People:
As you pray ask God to:

  • give you the desire to pray.
  • prepare your heart for the adventure.
  • give you clarity as to the people and places he is calling you to BLESS.
  • For opportunities to SHARE YOUR STORY
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the necessary words to say.

There are several next steps you can take on your discipleship journey over the coming weeks:

  • take a step of obedience – Baptism,
  • join Discipleship 101 if you are new to Christ,
  • join a serve team, there is a great need for hosting and security on Sundays.

Sign up online via Church Center or the website.

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