Rebuild 2022 – Week 2

Speaker: Daniel Erasmus

Worship: As you spend time with God during the week, listen to Battle Belongs. Allow God to show you the victory that is found in Him alone no matter what.

Check-In: As you meditated on Isaiah 58:11-12 in the past week; share with the group in which area God is asking you to use your gifts, time, treasure, and talents to rebuild.

Bible Readings: Isaiah 58:11-12; Nehemiah 2:12, 17; Nehemiah 4:14; Genesis 3:15; Judges 2:10; Proverbs 27:19-21; Proverbs 13:20; Psalm 92:12-15; Ephesians 2:10; Philippians 2:3-4; John 13:35; Matthew 15:8-9; Psalm 145:4 (Take time to read through the book of Nehemiah)

Preparation and Discussion for Group Time:

  1. Share the following with the group:
    1.1 What God had spoken to you about since last week.
    1.2 What you wrote on your card and
    1.3 What next step you are going to take to be part of rebuilding.
  2. Nehemiah reminded the people to not be afraid of people or circumstances but to believe because of how great the Lord is. Some fought with a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other. We are called to fight for the next generation to know God. What contribution can you make to ensure that the good news of Jesus is being shared with the future generations in our NextGen Ministries (Kids, Teens, Church, Families, Community)?
  3. Ps Daniel shared 4 principles of how we are to live out our faith and that we are called to share this with the next generation (Psalm 145:4).
    3.1. Right Relationships. Choose who we spend our time with which has an impact on our future.
    3.2. God-given Design. Love God. Created in His image, for His purposes.
    3.3. Other’s First. Love People. Not living for ourselves, but for others – the next generation.
    3.4. Authentic Faith. Christianity is about relationships and not religion.
    We are created in God’s image, for His glory and purposes so that others may know Him. What areas of your life need to have a heart shift so that you could live a life fully surrendered to God?

Check out and Prayer time: Take time to commit to God what your next step is. The action step that you will take to be part of Rebuild2022, as we together build Culture, Discipleship, and the NextGen. Let’s trust God to do more than we could dream or imagine.

As a group, we urge you to continuously check-in with each other around these next steps during the coming weeks. It’s important that we don’t regard this as just a good idea or thought but that it’s a commitment that comes from the outworking of what God is doing in our lives.

Love God:
Meditate on Isaiah 58:11-12; take time to commit to God the NextGen of our church in prayer.

For personal study, here are some suggested YouVersion and RightNow Media devotionals:

Love People:

  • Encourage group members to take a step of Baptism as part of growing in their love for God.
  • Sign up to join the NextGen Info session on Sunday 10 April at 18h00 on Church Center.
  • Commit to praying and inviting those who don’t yet know Jesus to an Easter Service.
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