Habits: Focus on Who We See First

Worship: Spend time throughout the week during your time with God listening to Nothing Else by Cody Carnes. As you spend time in worship, take a moment to just be still in His presence.

Check-In: What is one habit you are going to continue developing this year?

Bible Readings: Anchor: Romans 12:2 MSG; Genesis 2:8-9, 16-17; Genesis 3:1-7; John 5:39-40; Romans 5:8; 1 Samuel 16:7; 1 John 5:3; John 3:17-18 MSG; 1 John 5:12; John 14:15 GNT; 2 Corinthians 5:14

Preparation and Discussion for Group Time:

  1. What one thought has challenged when it comes to choosing to live in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil or the Tree of Life?
  2. “How do I see God? How do I believe God sees me?” How does knowing this truth help you to develop a relationship with God that is a delight and not just as a religious duty that we need to fulfil?
  3. Are there things/habits in your past that have caused you to want to hide from God? Choices that you have made or habits that you have formed that hinder you from coming openly to Him. Share with the group any steps you need to take that will help you to openly come to Him.
  4. Of the three ways we heard to practically live in the Tree of Life – Respond to sin with grace; Guard my heart from going back; Fall in love with Jesus – which is most challenging for you, and why? Is there a habit that you could develop to assist you with overcoming this challenge?

Check out and Prayer time: Pray that we would begin to choose to live in the Tree of Life. That we would see ourselves the way God does – through eyes of love.

Love God:
Read Romans 12:2 and thank God for that as we fix our attention on Him, He does the work of maturing us into all He has called us to be.

For personal study, here are some suggested YouVersion and RightNow Media devotionals:

Love People:

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