Father’s Day – Present. Not Perfect!

Worship: Spend time throughout the week or during your time with God listening to Run To The Father by Cody Carnes. As you worship Him, be encouraged that God is calling you to come to Him as you are.

Check-In: Share what has been most encouraging to you as you have begun to live out the BLESS practices in your own life.

Bible Readings: Anchor: Romans 2:4; Matthew 22:37-40; 1 Corinthians 13:1-4; Philippians 2:13; Matthew 7:24

Preparation and Discussion for Group Time:

  1. Take time this week to reflect on the sermon in your time with God. Then share what God has been saying to you about being present with those around us.
  2. Is the way you spend time with God changing the way you spend time with people? Share with the group what your relationship with God is like at the moment.
  3. We are called to live a life that closely models that of Jesus – Love God. Love People. Romans 2:4 shows us how we are called to love those around us as a result of how we are loved by God:
    • Being Present
    • Being Patient
    • Being Kind

    In which of these aspects have you been challenged to grow in with your relationship with others and what would that look like.
  4. Is there a relationship you need to be intentional with this week? Is there someone on your BLESS card who you need to be intentional about connecting with in a way that is different to how you have before?

Prayer time: Ask God to show you how to be present, how to be patient and how to be kind towards others, as He has been towards you and allow that to flow into how you love people this week.

Love God:
Read Romans 2:4 this week and be reminded that God is always present, patient and kind towards us wherever we find ourselves.

For personal study, here are some suggested YouVersion devotionals:

Love People: There are many opportunities to Love People coming up – see the Church Center App for more information:

  • Be intentional about praying for those people on your BLESS card
  • Share your story this week as we look at the last S of BLESS which is to ‘share your story’. One of the ways we do this is at our Baptism services.
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