BLESS – WEEK 5 Serve

Worship: Spend time throughout the week during your time with God listening to Great Are You Lord by All Sons & Daughters. As you worship Him, be reminded that God is so worthy of our praise!

Check-In: As we have been on this BLESS journey, share the thing that has been the most encouraging to you as you begin to live out the BLESS practices in your own life.

Bible Readings: Anchor: Genesis 12:1-3; John 13:1-17; Philippians 2:5-7; Matthew 20:28; Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 2:3-4; John 13:34-35; Matthew 28:19-20

Preparation and Discussion for Group Time:

  1. We looked at BLESS practice four – SERVE – this Sunday, what has God been saying to you from the service about serving?
  2. In John 13:1-17 we see Jesus model what it means to serve those in our world as He washes the feet of the disciples. Share with the group what you may find challenging and/or encouraging about this demonstration of what it means to serve. Is there a heart check that you need to have to see serving in the same way Jesus did?
  3. When we look at the life of Jesus and how He is calling us to serve like Him, there are 4 principles we can model in our own lives:
    • Serve where you are
    • Serve with what you have
    • Serve with others
    • Serve in a way that honours God
    Which of these principles have you been challenged to grow in or to start doing?
  4. Aristotle once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” We are better together! Share how as a group you can come together to be able to serve someone, somewhere in a practical way.

Prayer time: Pray for the opportunity to serve someone in a practical way this week.

Love God:
Memorise John 13:14-15 this week and be encouraged that God has set the perfect example in Jesus for us to follow as we serve others.

For personal study, here are some suggested YouVersion devotionals:

Love People: There are many opportunities to Love People coming up – see the Church Center App for more information:

  • Be intentional about praying for those people on your BLESS card
  • Father’s Day is coming up next week, why don’t you invite a father figure to join you at one of our services? Ps Jason Render will be joining us!
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