Purpose for the session: To do a ‘hard reset’ in our lives to increase our focus on Him and His purposes.

Worship: Listen to the song throughout the week “The Way” by Pat Barrett. Talk to God about your faith and belief in Him as you meet with Him daily.

Check-In: Share how your thoughts have reflected your love for God and others in the past week and how this showed in your daily interactions.

Bible Reading: Read Isaiah 43:18-19; Jeremiah 8:4-6; Luke 18:8; Genesis 26:1-4; and Genesis 26:16-19 as you prepare for group. You could use these verses in your daily time with God if you don’t have a reading plan.

Preparation and Discussion for Group Time:

  1. “God is allowing us to get a ‘hard reset’”. Consider the impact of the world’s crises on our lives, our level of faith and our spiritual condition.
  2. “We need a radical spiritual reset to take us back to the basics.” What practical action steps could you take to grow your UP/IN/OUT in this season?
  3. Read Luke 18:8. What evidence would Jesus find of faith in your life if He came back today? How can you increase your faith levels?
  4. Our life and spiritual journey is about reaching the next generation for God’s glory. How are you sharing your faith with those around you in these uncertain times?

Check out and Prayer time: In a time of prayer, ask God to reopen the wells within your spirit and to give you spiritual eyes to see the hope and future He has for you and our nation.


  • For those who we are trusting to find Jesus
  • For financial provision for individuals and business owners
  • For health for those with illness or COVID
  • For our Edge Church leadership to be strengthened in this season of transition
  • For our President and Government for wisdom and to lead well

Social Justice: Opportunity to bring toiletries to bless the women of Fisantekraal (Mercy Aids) on Sunday 23 August. Drop off at the church between 2-4pm (Edgemead Only)

  • Roll on deodorants
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • Face Cloths and soap
  • Packets of Biscuits

Daily Practices to follow

Memorize Isaiah 43:19. Reflect on what could be “something new” that God is doing in your life. Write out the verse or copy and paste it so you can see it regularly throughout the day. Read or recite the verses and repeat throughout the day. Set a reminder to pray at different times throughout the day.

Practice: your practical steps from question 2 by creating a daily rhythm for yourself.

Suggested YouVersion Devotionals. There are many others that you can choose from on YouVersion that will help you refocus your life.

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