Note for the facilitator:

Preparation for the Life Group is key for each person to be able to engage and be vulnerable to grow. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you as you prepare for the group time. Be aware of vulnerable sharing and the recurring theme or phrase during the connection time as you are prompted by the Holy Spirit.

Whether you are doing Life Group on Zoom, Google Hangouts/Meet or chatting on Email or your WhatsApp group, we encourage you to cover the following:

  1. Check in to find out how each other is doing in this season.
  2. Share a response to one question in the notes.
  3. Pray together for one another. 

Purpose for the session:
To grow in our trust and joy in God even though times are tough. 

As you prepare for group, listen to the song “Way Maker” by Leeland. Pray back to God what you are trusting Him for in this season. 

Share how you were able to encourage someone in your world from your quiet time in the past week.

Bible Reading:
In preparation for group, read Habakkuk Chapter 3, use various translations and Colossians 2:7

Preparation and Discussion for Group Time: 

  1. Habakkuk 3 is a prayer. What can we learn from this chapter about how to pray, being open and honest with God and trusting Him? 
  2. In the middle of trials how would you encourage people to find the “joy of the Lord” even in their suffering? 
  3. Read Colossians 2:7. The definition of Perspective is “a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.” How has your perspective of challenging situations and circumstances changed as you have allowed your roots to go down deep into God’s Word? 
  4. Read Habakkuk 3:8. In what ways could God be “sending chariots of salvation” in this season to those you are praying for? 
  5. Share from your current personal circumstances by completing these lines: 
    Even though_____________________________________________________ 
    Yet will I _______________________________________________________ 

This week we are going to be lifting the Zambia Project in prayer. Join us as we pray for them, and our nation, as we continue to trust God in this season. 

  • Protection for the children’s homes. 
  • Village of Hope school will be re-opening.
  • Grade 12 students who have lots of work to catch up.
  • Clinic staff who are on the frontline treating patients.
  • Increase in malnourished children due to food shortage.
  • Sponsorships for the Village of Hope students for education and food. 
  • Hope Church Mongu as they are not able to meet in person. 
  • Missionary team who are not able to be with family in their home countries.
  • Financial provision to continue ministry in the Western Province of Zambia. 

Check out and Prayer Time:

Share your personal prayer needs with the group.  In your prayer time, thank God for what you have seen Him do and heard about from others. Ask Him to bring the joy of your relationship with Him to the places in your life that seem hopeless.  Pray your responses to question 5 as a declaration to the heavens. 

Daily Practices to follow: 

  • Pray this verse Habakkuk 2:3: “LORD, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, LORD. Repeat them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy.”
  • Memorize Colossians 2:7. Write out the verse or copy and paste it so you can see it regularly throughout the day. 
  • Read or recite the verse and repeat throughout the day. Set a reminder to pray at different times throughout the day. 
  • Read a plan on YouVersion about finding joy amid uncertainties. 
    Embracing Joy in His Presence
    Choose Joy by Kay Warren. 
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