The UpsideDown: The Power of Trusting the One who Loves us

Purpose for the session: To grow in trusting the One who loves us.

Worship: As you prepare for group, listen to the song “In Control” by Hillsong Worship and pray back to God something that you are surrendering to Him.

Check-In: Share how you have grown in your relationships with God and others from last week’s group time.

Bible Reading: Psalm 23 (read this in a few different translations); John 10:14

Preparation and Discussion for Group Time:

  1. As you read Psalm 23, write down in what ways you see how God loves you. Consider what Byron shared in his sermon on Sunday 24 May. Share one thought with the group about God’s love for you from this Psalm.
  2. In what ways does Psalm 23 encourage you to increase your trust in the power of God in all areas of your life?
  3. How does trusting a powerful God impact your feelings, your life and those around you?
  4. Share with the group how God’s love has been shown to you in this time of uncertainty.

Check out: Share one verse from Psalm 23 that you will meditate on and live out in the coming week.

Prayer time: Use this time to share prayer requests, then spend some time praying for one another. Make notes so that you can continue to pray during the week.

Some other needs in the congregation that you can pray into:

  • Small Businesses for finances and provision.
  • For finances and provision for those who are unable to work or have been retrenched.
  • Essential Workers that are on the frontlines in our hospitals, rehabs and doing the testing.
  • Our single parents and those who are alone currently for God’s strength and peace.
  • Health and recovery for those who are ill with COVID19 or other illnesses.

Let us provide:

  • For the needs of those in our groups. Please contact the Church Office (0215590325) if there is a need that you are not able to provide for.
  • The needs of those who are without shelter or food. Consider giving to the COVID Relief Fund that supports the pantry and other organisations providing food to those in need.
  • Your time by getting involved with Mercy Aids in Fisantekraal! WhatsApp your name to 0646165238 to get more info! If you are keen to help with many other areas [driver, bookkeeping, IT, design- to mention a few] then please fill out your details on this link.

Let us Pray:

  • For our Schools: Principals, Teachers, Kids, for peace, health, and safety as they transition back to teaching.
  • For those who are far from God that we would reach them in this time of online church.
  • For our Government to lead well and to have Godly wisdom in their decisions.

Daily Practices to follow:

Daily read and reflect on Psalm 23 over the next 7 days. We guarantee that if you do this you will reduce your fear and increase your trust in God.

  • Read it in different translations.
  • Memorize the whole passage or parts of it.
  • Write out what God is saying to you in your journal.

Here are a few daily devotions that you can subscribe to:

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