Dangerous Prayers: Search Me!

Worship: Listen to the song “There is a Cloud” by Elevation Worship. Pray back to God what stood out to you.

Check-In: How has your daily time with God been impacted by your “dangerous prayers”?

Purpose for the session: To allow God to search our hearts!

Bible readings: Psalm 139:23-24; Psalm 51:12; Luke 15 and 2 Samuel 12:1-25

Group Discussion:  Read Psalm 139:23-24 in various translations of the Bible. In the verses just before these, David is talking about others and their wickedness, then he suddenly realises his own need for God’s cleansing. In preparation for group, spend time allowing God to speak to you from these verses.

  1. Share specific addictions, triggers or habits that came to you from praying asking God to search your heart.
  2. David asks God to put him to the test, to know what he’s thinking. Share why this could be a dangerous prayer to pray, yet we can pray it without fear.
  3. Read 2 Samuel 12:1-25. Nathan was a prophet that the Lord sent to speak to David. What stands out to you from this conversation that shows you that we can’t hide our sin from God and live well?
  4. David’s life changed paths after he was challenged by Nathan. In Psalm 139:24, David asks God to help him to live in the way that is right. What is God asking you to change to live in the way that is right?

Check out and prayer time:  Set up the check out: Play the worship song Remembrance by Hillsong Worship and share communion (Breaking of Bread). Spend some time listening to the song without singing, share the emblems. Then wait for people to pray their prayers of surrender back to God.  Name the things that are holding you back from being open and vulnerable before God. The things that distract you from your relationship with Jesus, that stop you from allowing the Holy Spirit to search your heart so God can bring about restoration and freedom.

Others:  Who is God asking you to journey with that needs to make their way home to God? Often our sin keeps us from returning to God, because we don’t see ourselves as worthy of His love. Find time this week to earnestly pray for those you know are wanting to return to Him. Invite them to join you at a service in the coming weeks.

Going deeper during the week:  Journal what God has been saying to you from this session in the coming week. Come ready to share what has happened as you have prayed this prayer daily for God to search your heart.

Here are two devotionals to help you in the coming week: Dangerous Prayers: Bold Prayers http://bible.com/r/Yp and Search Me, Test Me, Lead Me http://bible.com/r/3zs 

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