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You're invited to not only celebrate Easter, but to experience Easter!

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Throughout time there are prayers that changed history, prayers that teach us how to pray. Prayers that build our resilience, strengthen our hope, activate our faith, stretch our belief and shape our life.

Prayers that touch heaven and change earth. We have to be a people of prayer in order to be Radically Resilient!

Join us for The Book of Prayers, starting Sunday 25th February as we look at four prayers that changed the world, and can change you too.




We all need a place where we BELONG.

Do you want to make Edge Church your home? Then join us on Tuesday 2 April 2024 for our Welcome Home Dinner at 18h30 at church. Kids Care available age 2 - Gr 7.

Please sign up for everyone that will be attending and let us know about dietary requirements.

Click here to sign up! RSVP by Sunday 31 March 2024. Space is Limited.



Have you recently committed your life to God or are you new to our environment at Edge Church? Our Discipleship101 Course is just the right fit for you! It has been specifically designed for new believers or people new to our community church setting. Discipleship101 will take you through an interactive eight-week, facilitated study that explores God’s specific purposes for your life and answers many key questions about life that we may all have.

Sign up for Discipleship101, starting on Wednesday, 10 April.


Have you been visiting us for a while and want to make Edge Church your home? You can use the "Update Details" button to sign up, or to update your details!
To stay up-to-date with what is happening download the Church Center App on your smartphone! It's the easiest way to sign up for events, check-in your kids, and receive updates regarding church life!
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The Next Generation has always been the heart and passion of Edge Church! We’re passionate about each child, teenager, student and young adult growing in their relationship with God and living a life that encourages others. Click here to find out more about our Next Generation at Edge Church.


loving people in our community



Serving our community in love by providing meal assistance. Matthew 25:35-40: we are called to be Jesus' hands and feet to our community.

  • Do you have a passion for food and serving others? Then we want you to join our team!
  • Do you need meal assistance? Loss of a loved one, new parent, financial instability, sickness or surgery?

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Our Home Maintenance Team provides minor home repair services for widows, homebound, the elderly and other individuals with identified needs.

  • Do you have the necessary skills to provide minor home repairs? Then we want you to join our team!
  • Do you need some assistance with your minor home repairs? We would love to be able to assist with these repairs.

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Jeremiah 29:11 – To show job seekers and the unemployed across all job sectors that God has a plan and a future for them by reminding them of their identity, increase self-awareness and empower with skills required to navigate the job market and to build self-agency.

  • Do you have the necessary skill to support those who are seeking employment? Then we want you to join our team!
  • Do you need Career Support? Are you unemployed, need some assistance with your CV or brush up on your interview skills? These are just some of the ways we would love to be able to support you.

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