Care & Counselling

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One of the most practical ways we can grow is by serving others. Jesus set a clear example to do this, and we believe he also equips and empowers us to do the same. So invest your talents, time and treasure into His kingdom. Why not check out some of our opportunities to serve others, then sign up and start making a meaningful contribution.

Pastoral Care


Dedicated to the personal and spiritual growth of senior adults, and rooted in the belief that seniors have a lifetime of wisdom to share with the church and community. Help provide programmes for and minister to adults over 60 years; encourage spiritual growth, connection and outreach to those in community.

Ministry Opportunities include:

  • Life Group Leaders
  • Events Co-ordination
  • Hosts

 Hospital and Home Visitation

Care for those in need of a visit or a call. Show love and encouragement to those who might have lost a loved one, are ill, elderly, or just in need of care and friendship.

Ministry Opportunities include:

  • Co-ordination
  • Visitation

 Individual Lay Counselling

Journeying with an individual in assisting them in their own personal growth, through creating a safe, confidential and accepting space for them to acknowledge and process their feelings, and implement tools for further growth.

Ministry Opportunities include:

  • Individual Lay Counselling and Pre-marital counseling. Prescribed training is required

Support Groups

Create a safe, confidential and accepting space to journey alongside others in finding help for their hurts, discover hope for their future, and experience God’s healing. Support Groups include We Care, Divorce Care and Grief Share.

Ministry Opportunities include:

  • Facilitators
  • Hosts
  • Registration and Co-ordination