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The reality of life is that we will all experience challenging seasons, life changes, relational pain and difficult circumstances. At some time or another, everyone needs a little help. Edge Church’s pastoral care and counselling teams are available to offer support.

There aren’t any quick-fixes for deep emotional wounds and complex relational problems. Depression, grief, rejection, lack of self-esteem and many other issues can have a huge impact on our lives. But through active listening and ongoing support, we believe that the emotional pain of the past can be eased and healed. Counselling at Edge Church is available to anyone. Sessions take place in private and comfortable rooms where every effort is made to treat people with dignity and respect. Our team consists of trained volunteer counsellors. Each counsellor is an accredited member of The South African Association for Pastoral Work (SAAP) and adheres to their Code of Ethics.

Professional Network

Our team of counsellors work alongside professionals and in some cases, we may mutually agree to refer a client.


We are not a crisis or trauma centre, but recognise that emergencies do arise. Where we are in a position to assist, we will do our best to accommodate your counselling needs. However as a general rule, we require sufficient notice to arrange an appointment with one of our volunteer counsellors.


While this service runs on a non-profit basis, we ask for a donation per session in order to cover costs.

Please Note: Counselling at Edge Church is not a substitute for the love and care of a close friend or a Life Group. It is also not an alternative to Social Worker interventions, Psychotherapy or any other form of care, but rather, seeks to complement these forms of support.

Counselling Service

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