On a Mission to Lesotho

On the evening of the second of September, four of Edge Church’s students departed on their first mission trip to Lesotho. With hearts full of excitement and waves of nervousness, Amy Scholtz, Ashleigh Forster, Megan Williams and Mashoto Rababela hopped on the bus and strapped themselves in for the long journey ahead. Due to it all being their first trip, they had no idea what God had in store for them, but were ready to be used in any way they were needed. After a sixteen hour bus ride to their destination, the four students had arrived in Roma, Lesotho.

Upon arrival, the team unpacked and headed toward the university, where they handed out flyers for the movie night that they were to host. According to Amy, they quickly fell in love with the people of Lesotho, who were both welcoming and accommodating. Although never meeting these students before, the people of Lesotho showered love over them and never failed to greet with a smile.

Whilst in Lesotho, the team held a movie night, upon which 180 people attended, visited high school classrooms, where they encouraged and evangelised, and prayed over Roma from atop a mountain.

Although the trip was only a week long, God definitely showed up. After one of the church services, where they saw twenty guests attend, they packed up the chairs and began dancing together, losing themselves in praise. As told by Amy, ‘It was such a moment of being unified even though we had just met these people’. Through this, the students were able to communicate how church is about being real, having fun and doing life together

‘Their unity is incredible and there is so much genuine love for one another, and the country itself, too.’ This is definitely something we as Edge Church and as a community can take back with us. Although Lesotho and Edgemead seem like worlds apart, there is a common goal in all of us: To love each other, and to love each other well.

Most of all, love each other as if your life depended on it.
Love makes up for practically everything.– 1 Peter 4:8

Though the experience was short, the team saw God work in the lives of many. They saw how limitless God really is, how good He is, and how gracious He is. They saw that anyone can be reached, we just need to get out there and be His hands and feet to reach those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to hear about how good our Father is.